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Apple’s Glass Supplier Says It’ll Be Ready For Real, Durable Foldable IPhones Within ‘a Couple Of Years’

Apple’s Glass Supplier Says It’ll Be Ready For Real, Durable Foldable IPhones Within ‘a Couple Of Years’

With foldable smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Huawei ... but Apple is unlikely to release a foldable iPhone unless it can meet ... The material is also less robust and easier to scratch, which is why ... Bayne thinks the company's foldable glass will be ready for the mainstream in a couple of years.. The only real differences will be physical size, the amount of ... In terms of upcoming releases, folding phones are on the horizon, with ... It'll be hard to go back to my old phone after using this one. ... Suffice to say, the camera is very, very good. ... Over the past few years I've been underwhelmed by Apple's.... Get ready for a foldable iPhone, because that's exactly what one ... Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Wamsi Mohan says Apple is already working on an iPhone with a foldable screen and has plans to ship it in a couple years. ... Instead, it'll be a phone with a foldable display that presumably works in.... The iPhone 11 succeeds the iPhone XR, yet it's even more affordable at $699. ... It's not as durable as the Pro models because it's made of aluminum and not ... I wish the edge of the camera module blended into the rear glass. ... I've been playing quite a few games on Apple Arcade, the company's new.... But Apple may just have supplied what the people need, not what they say they want. ... with a removable cover while the iPhone 5 is made from glass and aluminium. ... There are a few small tweaks though: iOS 7, slightly extended battery life, and a few ... The iPhone 5C should offer excellent performance in a robust shell.. The Huawei Mate X might be the first foldable phone you seriously consider ... up years ago, and, yes, it's been in our hands and will be ready to ... the device will be available for cheaper than we expected, just that it'll be priced ... durability tests and some minor changes before it launches in a few months.. Samsung beat Apple to the punch with AR emoji in its Galaxy S9 phones , but they ... Apple says it's focusing its efforts on the oldest devices, like the iPhone 6 Plus ... Expect to see a few more exciting iOS 12 features come to 2018 iPhones. ... It'll prompt you to call your mom on her birthday, and offer to text your meeting.... Choose from our expert reviews of Apple's iPhone 11 Pro to Samsung's ... Priorities today are different from even a few years ago: big screens are ... say from Huawei to Sony, a painless process, as Google insists on a degree of ... Most phones, though not the latest iPhones, include an adaptor in Apple's.... Apple Says It Does Not Expect To Meet the Revenue Guidance For the ... Samsung's Second Foldable Smartphone, $1,380 Galaxy Z Flip, ... has all the scratch-resistant properties of glass, but in a durability test ... It'll be available in India on February 11th; it's unclear if the phone will be released elsewhere.. Very few Americans are interested in folding their smartphones ... Apple's glass supplier says it'll be ready for real, durable foldable iPhones within 'a couple of years'. Tuesday, March ... Apple has been working on folding iPhones for years.. The Galaxy Fold and Mate X are the best examples of what foldable ... But the one piece of tech Apple might need to make a foldable iPhone won't come from ... Corning is the supplier in question, a company known for the glass panels ... by the time foldables go mainstream within the next couple of years.. I don't just mean in the vague "Samsung bounces back from a fiasco" sense, either. ... The inner screen's durability is concerning; The software feels unpolished ... still isn't enough time to say for sure how it'll hold up in the long term, ... real-world use since it realistically equates to a few years of worth of.... Apple's iPhone glass supplier says it'll be ready for foldable phones in a few years ... several companies have pursued and abandoned this idea over the years. ... In fact, NTT docomo released durable iPhone called M, but we can't sell well.. I believe that the foldable Phones are still immature technology. ... ... Originally Answered: Should Apple build a foldable iPhone? ... it's clear that they been researching this type of a device for quite a few years now.. Since glass can't truly be both extremely drop resistant and scratch ... a few years ago we know that apple seeded money to corning for ... Apple's glass supplier says it'll be ready for real, durable foldable iPhones within 'a.... One of the biggest challenges of foldable phones is screen durability. ... Apple iPhone supplier Corning is developing flexible glass for foldable ... SEE ALSO: 5G will be crazy fast, but it'll be worthless without unlimited data ... Bayne says the plastic polymers used in these new foldable devices is better ... No item available.. Ten years ago, David Wang pulled off a remarkable trick, installing Android on ... saying that it'll actually show how Apple's walled garden, which it has fiercely ... "Apple restricts iPhone users to operate inside a sandbox, but users own that ... TCL is already looking ahead with a pair of foldable and rollable...

Your next smartphone may flip open to reveal its screen and fold up ... Many of us realized a few years ago that the smartphones we had ... If you take a ballpoint pen and you push really hard on the iPhone screen, it'll be fine, said Kyle Wiens, the ... There's no protecting the foldable display in a real-world.... Apple's iPhone glass supplier Corning is working on a new flexible product as competitors roll out foldable phones using plastic, Wired.... Apple's glass supplier says it'll be ready for real, durable foldable iPhones within 'a couple of years' Propaganda 2.0: Chinese Communist Party's message...


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